Redefining our Relationship with Companion Animals by Feeding 100% Pure Food
in a Convenient Form

Synthetic free

No synthetic pre-mixes of vitamins, minerals or amino acids; no vegetable or meat protein concentrates; no preservatives; no digest/flavors; no meat, poultry or other meal; and no other manmade additives of any kind.

100% natural

Only real, fresh and natural ingredients guarantee the best and healthiest food for your pet and provide higher nutrition digestibility. All ingredients are foods grown in Canada and U.S.A.

Health at first place

Effective relief for skin, joint inflammations and mobility, digestion problems, food sensitivities, allergies and fussy eaters – and it tastes great!

Full-featured alternative to the raw meat
and home-cooked diets

Organic Sprouted Seeds

Fresh, clean, raw chicken, duck & fish – no meat meal

Gently Baked and Thoroughly Safety Tested

Family Owned and Made in Canada

Produced only from ingredience for human consumption